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Serving The Performance Needs of Our Customers

What is a Job Bank?

The GFMD Job Bank is here to provide you, “our client,” with access to all the work that is being done for you. The GFDM JOB BANK project manager is our interactive answer to working alongside each other.

Created to Gain Your Trust and Confidence

Created for your convenience and confidence wherever you’re located. It is our version of a virtual visit to our office. We supply a secure and private account to you so you can log-in to the “Job Bank” at any time, 24/7. Through a user-friendly application, we show you exactly where we are in completing your project.

We provide you with a scope of work for the project we are doing for you with the time and date of completion and more importantly you’ll be able to see the work and post comments and give input. You can provide immediate feedback for easier project completion – on time and within budget.

It is a workflow dairy of the work being done for you in real time.

It will give you progress reports, updates and allow you to check off on work tasks and assignment completed.

Password Protected

Our job bank is password protected and can only be accessed by you and your GFDM business team. The aim of the job bank is to always keep you on top of your project and to ensure that we meet all deadlines on time and on budget and always to your satisfaction.

Our job bank also provides our customers who are out of state the confidence to work with us knowing that they will always have access to both us and their content and are getting outstanding customer service. It is the closet to to being there with us as we work on their project.

Customer and Tech Support Here For You

Upon receiving your email it is sent to your project manager and the team for review and we will contact you within 1 business day. If you need to talk to someone immediately you may call your assigned rep or our office direct.