All Client Profile – SSI

Client Profile – SSI

Case Study: SSI

Industry: Computers and Technology


A software development and integration company out of Temecula California that specializes in the Drupal for developing content management systems for profit and non-profit associations.

Our mandate from SSI:

“Level the playing field for SSI so we will no longer lose business to competitors, not because they are better than us but because they look better than us.”

Our Goal… create excitement for the SSI name with a new logo with icon and color branding stopping power that promotes legitimacy and creativity.

Create a dynamic and responsive website with a sleek and inviting high-end look and feel that would stand out from their competitors.

In addition create brand-building billboards within this website that will express their core abilities as developers but identify targeted markets and brand SSI core skill sets to those markets.

Client: System Solutions, Inc


SSI was losing business due to the look of there brand logo and company identity as well as the look of there website.

We were assigned to recreate there brand identity with a new look and website along with creating marketing and promotional material in which they could use to promote and build awareness for there new look.


New look and logo along with branding marketing material that has infused excitement throughout the organization from development to sales. New website has been well received by industry peers and sales management feels that they can now compete with anyone in there field and it has leveled the playing field and they can go out and win business with what they do best… Software development and integration

Link to SSI Portfolio of work


Link to SSI Landing Page • Link to SSI Website


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