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Our Approach

The New Consumer Reality

We have all seen that and been there now… In the middle of family and friends, strangers, our customers, all having private conversations, sharing information in public with their smart phone, tablet, laptop, digital communication devices in public. We now live in a “public/private, private/public” consumer reality.


How do you engage and reach a consumer population like this within this vast and always changing digital marketplace? At GFDM we believe the way to reach this market is with the correct and proper packaging, presentation, and delivery know-how. It is with this know-how and experience that GFDM will brand your business and put you front and center with this market and its consumer mindset.

First steps

Determine what business you are really in. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised as to how many entrepreneurs with their start-ups and small businesses don’t know what business they are really in, which can stop your business from growing and succeeding. At GFDM we help you clearly identify and know exactly what business you are in. This will help you as well as us create the proper packaging, presentation, and delivery of your services and products to this digital consumer with its various information gathering device source of choice. GFDM believes it is important to understand this consumer mindset and its information gathering and sharing channels before you jump in head first.

Jump In

GFDM creates interactive engagement websites whereby you engage the customer with the information and interactivity of your site and its content. The key is a content rich website with compelling copy, interactive design, videos, animation, voice overs, music, and more, also included  are blog posts, reviews, and links to social networks all within an easy to use content management system that stewards your website.