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GFDM believes information and the role it will play in this century will make it our most valuable business commodity and asset. The goal of our bi-monthly newsletter is to provide you with relavent and practical information that will keep you informed with current updates on the latest marketing, internet news, and consumer trends.

GFDM newsletter will give you insights and tips that will give your business the winning edge.

Regular features will include:

  • Small Business Marketing News and Trends
  • Internet News
  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Online advertising
  • Internet Marketing Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Tips on Website Performance
  • Client Showcases
  • First Hand Info From Our Clients as they Share what Is Working For Them
  • Webinars on Sales and Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Sales Training – The VOSS System (Value Oriented Sales Solutions), created by GFDM which teaches people how to sell for success and feel good about it
  • Slide Shares – PowerPoint Slideshows on the Do’s and Don’t’s on succeeding with You Small Business
  • And much more…

It will also provide you with keen insights and business know-how that will help you and your small business compete, stay ahead of the curve, gain market share, and succeed.

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