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  • Erin Lear – Real Estate

    Erin Lear – Real Estate

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Real Estate agent based in Malibu, CA Assignment Create a dynamic and responsive clean...

  • Lake Pillsbury Resort

    Lake Pillsbury Resort

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Client is a hospitality vacation resort in Northern California Assignment Create a dynamic and...

  • Memorial Day 5K Run

    Memorial Day 5K Run

    Non Profit

    About the Client Non-profit fitness company using fundraising runs for charitable causes based in Temecula, CA. Assignment...

  • SB Family & Life Magazine

    SB Family & Life Magazine


    About the Client SB Life Magazine is a monthly lifestyle magazine focused on life and events in...

  • Label Entertainment

    Label Entertainment


    About the Client Label Entertinament is a video production company out of Chicago, IL and Hong Kong....

  • Jumpstart Body Fuel

    Jumpstart Body Fuel

    Food and Beverage

    About the Client All natural protein/energy bar manufacturer out of Southern California Assignment Create dynamic and responsive...

  • Popeye Energy Drink

    Popeye Energy Drink

    Food and Beverage

    About the Client Popeye Energy drink is a beverage company based in Southern California. Client was considering...

  • Breakfast Math

    Breakfast Math


    About the Client Medical doctors who are launching a self learning online network that will teach kids...

  • His House Publishing

    His House Publishing

    Non Profit

    About the Client The publishing arm of a non-dominational church out of Temecula, CA. Assignment Create a...

  • Baxter


    Business & Retail

    About the Client Client is a vendor of medieval and nautical decor and reenactment items. Assignment Create...

  • American Global

    American Global

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Facility management company out of Los Angeles, CA. Assignment Create a brand building responsive...

  • Woodward Leadership Academy

    Woodward Leadership Academy

    Education + Non Profit

    An elementary school located in Rialto, CA

  • Community Dental Group

    Community Dental Group

    Medical and Biotech

    About the Client A dental office out of Los Angeles. Assignment 3rd place media ask us to do...

  • System Solutions, Inc

    System Solutions, Inc

    Business & Retail

    About the Client A software development and integration company out of Temecula California that specializes in the Drupal...

  • Good Short Books

    Good Short Books


    About the Client Good Short books are a company for authors who write uplifting books on children...

  • Susan Fowler-Rosario

    Susan Fowler-Rosario


    About the Client Susan is an evangelist, author, and songstress out of “Noah’s Temple Church” in San Diego...

  • Femme Chic

    Femme Chic

    Business & Retail + Fashion

    Stylized swimwear design

  • Fusion Variation Chips

    Fusion Variation Chips

    Food and Beverage

    About the Client Fusion Variations Root Vegetable Chips are the first specialty food item in Chef David...

  • SurfPrep



    An industrial abrasive manufacturer

  • Tony Gwynn

    Tony Gwynn


    Hall of Fame baseball player and one of the best hitters of all time.

  • 3rd Place Media

    3rd Place Media

    Business & Retail

    About the Client A social media management company in Los Angeles, CA Assignment Build a responsive site...

  • IBA


    Business & Retail

    About the Client Indiana Banking Association is the state of Indiana largest banking association. Assignment Design user...

  • Reverie Wine Bags

    Reverie Wine Bags

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Wine accessory retailer specializing in wine bags. Reverie Wine Bags is based out of...



    Non Profit

    Recruiting company of executive boards

  • Chaka Khan

    Chaka Khan


    A multi-Grammy Award winning singer

  • Victor Swatsek

    Victor Swatsek



  • Sweet Comfort Band

    Sweet Comfort Band


    About the Client Sweet Comfort Band is a Christian rock band who was very popular in the...

  • K&B Marketwise

    K&B Marketwise

    Business & Retail

    About the Client KBMW is SoLoMo smart phone content Marketing Company servicing the Auto Dealership market. They...

  • Cluster Headaches

    Cluster Headaches

    Non Profit

    About the Client A non-profit organization based in San Diego devoted to raising money for and bring...

  • Genesis Pro Sports

    Genesis Pro Sports

    Business & Retail + Sports

    About the Client Genesis Pro Sports is a kicking tee manufacturer licensed by the NCAA and endorsed...



    Business & Retail

    About the Client ASMFRA, American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers out of Denver Colorado/ System...

  • CTS


    Medical and Biotech

    About the Client A clean room certification company serving the biotech industry out of Murrieta California. Assignment...

  • Dress of the Week

    Dress of the Week


    A fashion designer to some of the biggest names and divas in entertainment

  • Golden West Bio

    Golden West Bio

    Medical and Biotech

    A company that provide biological products to laboratories.

  • Schwart Zubjects

    Schwart Zubjects


    About the Client Schwartz’s subject is an animator out of North Hollywood California who creates storyboard art...

  • Integra Mortgage

    Integra Mortgage

    Business & Retail

    About the Client A mortgage loan and brokerage firm based in Illinois. They were looking for a...

  • Falcon Engineering Services

    Falcon Engineering Services

    Business & Retail + Industrial

    About the Client Falcon Engineering Services is a construction management company that specializes in providing infra-structual management...

  • Intercity Security

    Intercity Security

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Intercity Security is a firm based in Murrieta, CA that specializes in protection for...

  • Grocery Branding

    Grocery Branding

    Business & Retail + Food and Beverage

    A retail marketing company

  • Combined Effort, Inc.

    Combined Effort, Inc.

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Combined Effort is a landscaping and maintenance company that specializes in national cemeteries with...

  • Grapes and Tomatoes

    Grapes and Tomatoes

    Food and Beverage

    A gourmet Italian restaurant

  • Milmetco Industries

    Milmetco Industries


    A custom oven manufacturer.

  • Kevin Toney

    Kevin Toney


    About the Client Kevin Toney is a world renowned jazz piano player, having played with some of...

  • Community Christian College

    Community Christian College


    About the Client Is a Christian community college in Redlands who needed a website that was dynamic...

  • His House Publishing

    His House Publishing

    Entertainment + Non Profit

    About the Client His house is the digital publishing arm of Rock Church located in Temecula California....

  • Pleasant Publications

    Pleasant Publications

    Entertainment + Non Profit

    About the Client Pleasant Productions is a song writing company headed by iconic hymn and gospel music...

  • Diamond Gear Sport

    Diamond Gear Sport

    Fashion + Sports

    About the Client Baseball lifestyle apparel for lovers of the game of baseball, based in San Diego,...

  • Mark McMillian

    Mark McMillian


    About the Client Mark McMillian is a former NFL stand out defensive back who played for the...

  • Rosey Grier

    Rosey Grier


    About the Client Rosey Grier is a social activist of national prominence, former NFL icon who played...

  • Gamergy Game Drink

    Gamergy Game Drink

    Food and Beverage

    A start up beverage company

  • Quest Church

    Quest Church

    Non Profit

    A non-denominational church

  • Raquel’s Jazz Lounge

    Raquel’s Jazz Lounge


    A live music showcase.

  • Los Amigos

    Los Amigos

    Food and Beverage

    A small independent Mexican restaurant

  • Toley Ranz

    Toley Ranz


    Animated site for teaching children about tolerance

  • TAG Foundation

    TAG Foundation

    Education + Non Profit

    A non-profit organization for children and their education

  • Sanctioned Violence

    Sanctioned Violence


    Extreme sports and MMA apparel manufacturer

  • Creative Business Services

    Creative Business Services

    Non Profit

    A business consulting service.

  • Operation New Hope

    Operation New Hope

    Education + Non Profit

    A non-profit help at-risk kids

  • Hettrick Law

    Hettrick Law

    Business & Retail

    A general practice lawyer

  • Gold Diggin’ Movie

    Gold Diggin’ Movie


    Independent documentary film

  • Deep Water Security

    Deep Water Security

    Business & Retail

    A security company

  • Curt Flood

    Curt Flood


    About the Client Curt Flood was a MLB player for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1956-1971. He...

  • Mission Painting

    Mission Painting

    Business & Retail

    A painting company

  • Anamac


    Business & Retail + Education

    Audio/hearing impaired consulting.

  • Trinity Financial

    Trinity Financial

    Business & Retail

    Provides financial services

  • McCoo Davis

    McCoo Davis


    Grammy Award winning singing duo and evangelists

  • Joseph Chandler

    Joseph Chandler


    Independent recording artist

  • Gwynn Foods

    Gwynn Foods

    Food and Beverage

    Packaged foods company providing sauces, spices, and flour mixes.

  • Game Flash Sports

    Game Flash Sports


    High school sports recruiting community

  • Chaka Khan Foundation

    Chaka Khan Foundation

    Non Profit

    Chaka Khan Foundation raises awareness for at-risk children

  • Beverly Todd

    Beverly Todd


    A working Hollywood actress

  • Academy of Speed

    Academy of Speed


    Indoor track and field training facility out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Hall Of Fame Beverage

    Hall Of Fame Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    A new age beverage company

  • Liquid Weld

    Liquid Weld


    A glue manufacturer and supplier for both the manufacturing and medical supply industries.

  • Flying Tigers Aviation

    Flying Tigers Aviation

    Food and Beverage

    FBO located at Chino Airport in Chino, CA

  • Absolute Private Security

    Absolute Private Security

    Business & Retail

    A full service security agency

  • US Metro

    US Metro

    Business & Retail

    A full service maintenance company

  • Safe Shot

    Safe Shot

    Medical and Biotech

    Design and manufacture retractable syringes




    A high-end designer jeans company

  • Danesh Medical

    Danesh Medical

    Medical and Biotech

    A family medical practice

  • Vixen Industries

    Vixen Industries


    An engine sleeve manufacturing company

  • Commercial Copy

    Commercial Copy

    Business & Retail

    A print and postal service

  • Droplet Technologies

    Droplet Technologies

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Droplet is a software company that specializes in software for water companies. Assignment To...

  • Full Volume Records

    Full Volume Records


    About the Client Independent record label specializing in developing new artists in all genres of music. Assignment...

  • Kim’s Fabric Outlet

    Kim’s Fabric Outlet

    Business & Retail

    About the Client Kim’s Fabric Outlet is a store in Yucca Valley, CA that wanted to expand...

  • Johnson and Pham

    Johnson and Pham

    Business & Retail

    A law firm specializing in trademark law.

  • Logos and Company Brand Identity

    Logos and Company Brand Identity

    Miscellaneous logo designs

  • Interactive Portfolio

    Interactive Portfolio

    Our Interactive Portfolio

  • Print And Graphic Design

    Print And Graphic Design

    Our print work portfolio