All See All Logos and Company Brand Identity

Logos and Company Brand Identity

At GFDM we have the capabilities to create logos that will present your business message with clarity, impact, stopping power, and brand identity. Our logo and branding creation process begins with research and 3 fundamental questions.

1. What do you what your logo to say? Company, product, or service?
2. How does your industry and clients present themselves currently?
3. What is the feel and look you are striving for?

Once this is determined we go about the process of creating your logo by creating market insights that consist of the following:

Brand Strategy
Consumer Profile
Market Insights

Then we go into the development process. We then come back to you with suggestions which include logo design comps and our rationale. Then once you select your logo we build the brand around it with the branding material such as business card, letterhead, website, etc. All with one goal in mind, to make your logo stand out as a brand.

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