All See All Quest Church

Quest Church

About the Client

Quest is a non-denominational church located in Lake Elsinore, CA


Create image and outreach promotional tools as well as logo and church website. In addition create weekly program to support service message and drive members to the Quest website.

Work Provided

  • Website design
  • Church logo
  • Weekly program design and management of content
  • Outreach print campaign
  • Door hanger designs
  • Promotional products
  • Event posters
  • Weekly audio service file archives
  • Banners
  • Business Cards


Church membership has grown by 40%. We have been providing Quest with weekly programs for 3 years and all are well received and collected by the congregation. The church staff considers us a major communication asset to get the message out.

Client Feedback

“GFDM, you guys are amazing and fantastic. Thank you for the outstanding job you do for us.”
John Capellen -Lead Pastor

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