All See All Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn

About the Client

Tony Gwynn is one of MLB’s best hitters of all time and is a Hall of Famer. Tony played his entire career for the San Diego Padres and is known as Mr. Padre


Create an interactive website and experience that brings Tony Gwynn and his fans together, a website that is a virtual online experience with Tony and all of his baseball achievements, in addition the website should take advantage of all communication platforms available on the web today, e.g. voice-overs, videos, pictures, and e-commerce, we blended this all together and made it Tony Gwynn’s official website and memorabilia store. We also created an interactive product that was known as an iBat for promotional purposes and consumer sales. We created a print ad that commemorated the 30th anniversary of Tony’s first game in the MLB

Work Provided

  • Interactive website with e-commerce
  • Created iBat Interactive Flash Drive with memorabilia ticket
  • Created commemorative print ad of Tony’s first MLB game


Recognized as one of the most interactive websites for hall of fame athletes in the world. It is endorsed by Tony Gwynn as his official website

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