All See All Victor Swatsek

Victor Swatsek

About the Client

Victor Swatsek is an author who enjoys writing books about espionage. His characters travel the the globe in complex plots of international intrigue


Create a visually stunning yet easy to use website that brings his books to life and also serves as a place to sell his books. Re-create book covers that are visual with stopping power.

Work Provided

  • Created website
  • Audio interview
  • Re-designed 3 book covers
  • Created social media pages


Victor is excited and extremely pleased with his website and covers, he was so happy with our work he wanted to give us a token of his gratitude with a fine bottle of liqueur.

Client Feedback

“It was a stroke of luck that I ran into GFDM and they have far exceeded my expectations. I have looked at over 30 author websites and they do not compare to mine. Thank you GFDM. I highly recommend GFDM to all you authors out there.”
– Victor Swatsek, Author

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